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Guotai Junan "Tian Hui Bao" Launched New Customers' Public Welfare Products Series

From:GuoTaiJunAn|     2018-01-24 15:40:40|     Print

Recently, Guotai Junan Securities "Tian Hui Bao" launched a product for new customers aiming at raising money for charity. By purchasing the product, investors enjoy not only the income of financial management, but part of the income will be sent to the children living in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas. This new product is designed to support targeted poverty alleviation, offering targeted financial help to people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Guotai Junan "Tian Hui Bao" Cash management products are approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shanghai Stock Exchange, limited to Guotai Junan and users of the bond pledge-type offer repurchase. Investors can apply for "Tian Hui Bao" by opening a transaction account in Guotai Junan. "Tian Hui Bao" series of products have special settings like automatic renewal and agency entrustment, which can greatly facilitate operation and save time for users.

"Tian Hui Bao" series of products range from 1-day-cycle to 182-day-cycle, providing quotes according to market interest rates, and the income is 4-5 times as much as demand deposit rate.

SOURCE Guotai Junan Securities

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