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GTJA has been on the Fortune 500 China list for four consecutive years

From:Cailian Press|     2021-07-27 13:51:42|     Print

Recently, The 2021 Fortune 500 List was announced, considering the performance and achievements of the world's largest Chinese listed enterprises in the past year.

2021, a total of 10 companies in the securities industry were listed, ranking 20th in 35 segments. Most of the listed companies are head securities companies, from top to bottom are CITIC Securities (211), Haitong Securities (282), Guotai Junan (301), CICC (324), Huatai Securities (331), Shenwan Hongyuan (347), GF Securities (352), China Merchants Securities (401), CSC (413) and Orient Securities (416).

Since 2018, CITIC Securities, Haitong Securities and Guotai Junan have been firmly in the top three for four consecutive years. Overall, the ranking of the 10 securities companies increased year-on-year.

In the same period, Cortune China released the list of top 40 companies with net profit margin among the top 500 companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Top 40 list"). The net profit rate reflects more the profitability of a company. In general, companies' profits have been hit by the impact of COVID-19, and the net interest rate of the top 500 list has dropped from 9.4% last year to 9% this year.

The reporter noted that there were 8 securities companies on the top 40 list, and only two of the top 500 securities companies fell on the list. The list shows that the net profit margins of the eight securities companies are more than 20%, much higher than the average level (9%).

In addition to CSC ranking among the top five and second only to Bank of Shanghai in the financial industry, securities companies with a net profit margin of more than 30% also include China Merchants Securities (No. 7), GF Securities (No. 14), Huatai Securities (No. 15) and Guotai Junan (No. 25).

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