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He Qing: Build a green modern investment bank to help the development of green finance

From:GuoTaiJunAn|     2021-06-04 16:06:52|     Print

May 28, Guotai Junan Securities, Shanghai United Property Exchange and Shanghai Environmental Energy Exchange jointly held the "green finance,Low carbon future" theme forum.

"Guotai Junan is willing to work with all walks of life to promote the innovation and development of China's green finance and carbon market," He Qing, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Guotai Junan Securities, said in his speech, "support Shanghai to become an international carbon pricing center and an international carbon financial center, and make due contributions to China's early realization of the strategic goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral."

He Qing said that the goal of "emission peak, carbon neutrality" will profoundly change China's economic and social development model, and it is a revolution involving clean energy, production technology, social governance and financial services.

He Qing pointed out that the capital market will have great potential in the process of helping to achieve "Emission peak, carbon neutral".With the proposal of the target, carbon emission right has become an important factor of production, and the carbon market will be as important as equity, fixed income, commodity and foreign exchange. According to the World Bank report, there are 31 carbon emission trading systems in operation or planned to be implemented, which play an important role in the global "carbon neutral" process.

In this context, the advantages of the securities industry in driving the market and price discovery will be fully exploited, which can fully support the construction of China's green finance and carbon market from the aspects of trading mechanism design, market making and liquidity provision, derivative product development and utilization, capital resource allocation, etc.

"Guotai Junan will show responsibility in building a leading green modern investment bank in the industry." According to He Qing, Guotai Junan has given full play to the full license advantage of securities to continuously improve the level of green and low-carbon financial services. GTJA is one of the first securities companies in the industry to obtain the qualification of carbon finance business and join the International Emission Trading Association. It has successfully issued the first carbon neutral green technology innovation bond and the first carbon neutral ABS product of financial leasing in China. Since 2016, more than 50 green and low-carbon financial products have been created and introduced, and the scale of green stock and bond financing at home and abroad has exceeded RMB 270 billion yuan.

Looking forward to the future, Guotai Junan will strive to enhance its key capabilities in five aspects of "investment, financing, trading, cross-border and risk control", and strive to build a first-class green modern investment bank. 

For deepen the concept of green and low carbon development, integrate it into the organization and fall into action, the company has formulated "Plan for GTJA to implement the Emission Peak and Carbon Neutralization", and it was officially released to the outside world today.

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