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GTJA's Net Profit in 2019 is 8.6 Billion Yuan

From:GuoTaiJunAn|     2020-03-27 18:48:26|     Print

      SHANGHAI, Mar. 25, 2020 [cnstock.com of Shanghai Securities News]

      On the evening of March 24, Guotai Junan released its 2019 annual report. During the reporting period, it realized operating income of RMB 29.949 billion and net profit attributable to the parent company of RMB 8.637 billion, up 31.83% and 28.76% respectively from the previous year. According to the 2019 profit distribution plan approved by the Board of Directors, Guotai Junan shall pay RMB 3.9 cash for every 10 shares.

     He Qing, chairman of Guotai Junan Securities, said that 2019 is the first year of the company's new Three-year Plan. Faced with the complex and changeable market environment, Guotai Junan has achieved a steady and progressive annual goal, and its operating performance and major businesses continue to rank in the forefront of the industry. The Company continued to increase shareholder returns. The distribution plan was cash dividend of RMB 0.39 per share, accounting for 40.22% of the net profit attributable to the parent company, up nearly 4 percent points from the previous year.

      Judging from the business segments, the Company's trading and investment business saw multiple highlights. In equity business, the exchange-traded options department was the first to obtain the qualification of market maker for CSI300 ETF option and CSI300 stock index option, and the option positions and trading volume continued to maintain the leading position in the industry. As for the OTC equity derivatives business, they ha-ve attracted RMB 118.6 billion in nominal principal, up 311% year-on-year. In fixed income business, the volume of transactions in the inter-bank local currency market increased significantly year on year. Net settlement of bonds ranks first among all securities companies. The credit derivatives business has obtained the qualification of core dealers in SSE & SZSE credit protection contracts, and they ha-ve jointly released the first CDS index with the China Foreign Exchange Trade System and the Shanghai Clearing House. Through the credit default swaps, enterprises were encouraged to issue more than RMB 12 billion of bonds. The volume of interest rate swap transactions totaled RMB 1.3 trillion, ranking first among all securities companies.

      Retail brokerage and wealth management business maintain advantages. During the reporting period, Guotai Junan's net income (including seat leasing) from securities trading business was 5.75%, continuing to rank first in the industry. The a-verage monthly scale of financial products sold on a commission basis was RMB 161.9 billion, up 13.9% from the previous year. The net income from financial products sold on a commission basis ranked second in the industry. At the end of the reporting period, the number of investment advisers in the Group was 2,698, up 26.3% from the end of last year. Investment consultants signed 187,000 clients, up 24.4% from the end of last year. In March 2020, the Company became one of the first batch of financial institutions to obtain the pilot qualification of public offering fund investment consultancy business.

      In asset management business, Guotai Junan Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd focused on active management, issuing 131 new collective products, up 167% year-on-year, ranking second in the industry in the number of new products. It also promoted the innovation of asset securitization products, with the business scale increasing by 20.9% year on year. (Reported by Lu Dan)