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GTJA promotes the development of carbon finance business

From:GuoTaiJunAn|     2021-04-29 14:52:53|     Print

Recently, Guotai Junan successfully held the "carbon finance business exhibition training" in Shanghai for branches across the country. Through a comprehensive analysis of the relevant market policies and main service tools of carbon finance market, the ability of the whole system of carbon finance exhibition industry is improved. The training is one of a series of measures taken by Guotai Junan to serve the implementation of the strategic goals of carbon peak and carbon neutralization and the construction of Shanghai international carbon financial center.

As the first securities companies in the industry to obtain the qualification of carbon finance business and join the International Emission Trading Association (IETA), Guotai Junan has made remarkable achievements in recent years by giving full play to its first mover advantages in the field of carbon finance and fully promoting the development of carbon finance business.

In 2020, the trading volume of Guotai Junan's carbon finance business will reach 12.5 million tons, a record high. It has established extensive cooperation with electric power group, new energy listed companies, forestry departments, etc. the project types include renewable energy, methane utilization, forest carbon sink, carbon inclusive, etc.

Among them, the company provides carbon financial services for the carbon inclusive project of Mobike, and helps it issue the first batch of domestic phcer emission reduction (voluntary emission reduction of carbon inclusive certification) of more than 50000 tons, generating about 1 million yuan of income, and benefiting more than 15million registered users of cycling.

Guotai Junan also launched the largest investment in the development and trading of carbon sequestration reduction of forest carbon in China. It is expected to create about 200million yuan of green income for the local government within five years after the national carbon market is launched.

As early as 2016, Guotai Junan started its own trading of carbon emission rights, and took the lead in reaching the spot market making trading of Shanghai Carbon quota, the first forward trading of Shanghai Carbon quota and the first trading of CCER (national certified voluntary emission reduction) in Sichuan environment exchange.

In recent years, Guotai Junan has carried out carbon repo trading and achieved sustainable development. It has mainly participated in the pilot trading of carbon emission rights in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei and other places, with an accumulated trading volume of more than 40 million tons and a market share of 8%. It has actively explored the investment and advisory business of Carbon Trust products. Through continuous years of resource investment and innovation, Guotai Junan has gradually become an important participant in the domestic carbon trading market and an influential pricing agency.

In the future, Guotai Junan will continue to focus on serving the high-quality development of real economy, vigorously promote green finance, help enterprises activate carbon assets, guide the rational allocation of resources, protect the ecological environment, realize cost saving and obtain fixed income. Guotai Junan will strive to establish and constantly consolidate its leading position in the carbon financial market, make positive contributions to serving the construction of Shanghai international carbon financial center and helping the country steadily achieve the strategic goals of carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

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