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  • About Us

    GTJA, a comprehensive financial provider with a long-term, sustainable and overall leading position in the Chinese securities industry, has gone through the whole course of multiple periods of the development of Chinese capital markets.

    Over the past two decades of innovative development, GTJA has gradually formed a culture of “striving for excellence on the basis of risk management” and developed into a leader in all aspects in Chinese capital markets and a leader in science, technology and innovation in the Chinese securities industry.

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  • Personal Finance

    Dually driven by “technology and service”, GTJA develops a multi-level comprehensive service system.

  • Instituional Finance

    By “industry competence and comprehensive finance”, GTJA provides global corporate clients and institutional clients with a package of full-period services.

  • Investment Management

    GTJA provides assets management services and fund management services for institutional investors and individual investors respectively.

  • Global Business

    Centering on Guotai Junan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., the international business of GTJA has already built a Hong Kong-centered full-function business platform.


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