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Investment Banking

Build a total value chain investment banking model

Cater to diversified investment and financing needs of institutional clients

     By virtue of rich operating experience and good professional service capability, the investment banking team of GTJA provides lots of enterprise clients and government clients from different fields and regions with services covering the whole business chain of investment banking, including equity financing and debt financing, M&A, reorganization and comprehensive financial advisory. Our investment banking service package covers IPO, secondary public offering, share placement, private placement and other equity financing services; corporate bonds, enterprise bonds, convertible bonds, negotiable bonds, preferred shares, SME private placement bonds, non-financial enterprise debt financing instruments (SCP, MTN, PPN, etc.), assets securitization and other bond financing services; purchase/sale of significant assets, share offering for purchase of assets, cross-border M&A, consolidation and spin-off, back door listing, equity incentives, market capitalization management and other M&A, reorganization and comprehensive financial advisory services. Meanwhile, the investment banking team of GTJA also provides corporate clients with one-stop investment banking services covering the full life cycle.

     In recent years, the investment banking team of GTJA has completed the issuance and underwriting of many innovative products, including the first asset securitization program of foreign banks in China, the first panda bond in exchange-trade market and the first green financial bond in China, which all exert significant influence on the market.

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