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Prime Broker

     GTJA provides institutional investors with all-round, one-stop, and customized services, including trading services, custody and outsourcing, research service, product sales support, derivative financial instrument services, evaluation and analysis of fund performance, investment strategy consulting. GTJA also provides clients with exclusive business solutions through prime broker customer managers.

ü  Trading Service

     GTJA satisfies the demands of fund companies for trading the securities in its investment portfolios in securities exchanges through leasing trading seats to mutual funds, insurers, social security funds and other institutional investors that have not obtained the membership of securities exchanges. Meanwhile, we provide private funds and other institutional investors with fast and convenient securities trading services through our customized prime broker system.

üCustody and Outsourcing

     GTJA provides institutional investors with efficient, high-quality, professional and reliable custody services, which include custody of assets, capital clearing and settlement, investment supervision, valuation of funds, information disclosure, etc. The outsourcing business of GTJA provides institutional investors with such basic services as registration of fund shares and valuation of funds and such value-added services as performance evaluation, contract drafting and information disclosure. Through one-stop online fund operation platforms, GTJA assists managers in comprehensively analyzing the performance of investment portfolios and the implementation of investment strategies from six aspects, namely, product scale, analysis of net asset value, risk analysis, position analysis, attribution analysis and analysis of trading, which cover more than one hundred self-service operating functions of fund management, including product management, capital settlement, valuation accounting, registration of shares, investment supervision, performance analysis, personalized statement and information disclosure.

(Chart: By the end of September 2016, the scale of asset custody and outsourcing of GTJA ranked third)

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