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Sale and Trading

     By virtue of a complete impeccable asset and liability allocation and risk control system, GTJA trades stocks, funds, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange and derivative financial instruments as primary dealer, agent and market maker, and also provides product and financial service to institutional investors.

ü  Trading of Shares, Funds and Derivatives Financial Instruments

     Adhering to the value investing methodology, GTJA gives full play to its advantages in investment research and focuses on the value investment of selected industries and shares. Through macroeconomic research, industry analysis, market cycle analysis, laws and macro factors, changes of market participants’ behaviors and full investigation of the industry, business model, financial position and the competence of management team of targeted shares, GTJA carefully selects shares with long-term investment value and determines the timing of buying and selling.

     GTJA is also engaged in the arbitrage and quantitative trading of derivative financial instruments in China and provides market making services for exchange-traded financial products.

ü  FICC Trading

     As one of the securities companies first providing FICC services in China and obtaining the most qualifications for FICC trading and investment services, GTJA has built a client oriented platform which has multi-asset trading ability and comprehensive strategy to provide service to its institutional and retail clients. By diversified asset allocation and derivatives utilization, GTJA also ensures that relevant risk can be quantitatively managed, while gaining long-term return at the same time.

     GTJA also engages in market making services in interbank bond market, which covers national bonds, financial bonds, short- term financing bills and medium-term notes.

     In 2015, “GTJA FICC Service Chain Financial Innovation” was awarded the First Prize of Shanghai Financial Innovation Achievement Award by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

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