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Asset Management

     With the asset management services, GTJA accepts clients’ commissions, provides diversified asset management solutions according to various demands of clients in the aspects of investment risk, return and liquidity, develops a product chain consisted of shares, funds, bonds, currency, quantification, market value management and overseas investment, manages their financial assets and provides all kinds of institutional investors and individual investors with various securities investment value-added services.

ü Aggregate asset management services

     GTJA develops new wealth management products for medium and high-end customers and provides aggregate asset management plan covering stock market, bond market, currency market and hybrid funds.

üDirectional asset management services

     GTJA accepts commissions of a single client under a signed contract and manages the assets of the client through a specialized account according to the method, conditions, requirements and limitations specified in the contract.

ü Specific asset management services

     GTJA manages the assets commissioned by clients according to their specific purposes.

     For more details on asset management services, please visit the website of Guotai Junan Securities Assets Management Co., Ltd. at www.gtjazg.com.



Awarded by


China’s Best Securities Company in Assets Management, Best Institutional Service Provider in China



Annual Best Wealth Management (Aggregate) Performance Award for Securities Company

The 5thCustody“Golden Eyes” Award held by China Merchants Bank


Best Securities Company and Wealth Manager

Oriental Wealth Billboard organized by Eastmoney.com


Best Assets Management Company

Oriental Wealth Billboard organized by Eastmoney.com

 (At the end of 2015, the scale of assets management of GTJA ranked fourth)

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