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Direct Investment

     Guotai Junan Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive investment platform of GTJA, which adheres to the idea of value investment and invests in the equity or bonds of high-quality enterprises through direct investment with its own fund or establishing investment funds. GTJA cooperates with government-guided funds, industrial parks, industrial groups, listed companies, financial institutions and social capital to jointly establish a series of investment funds, including NEEQ fund, project fund, industry fund, M&A fund, debt fund and real estate fund.

     By virtue of its splendid brand, extensive trading experience, rich enterprise resources, favorable synergistic effect between business lines and all-round service capability, GTJA has become the most attractive investor for companies seeking for private equity investment management, as well as the most attractive co-investor for other private equity investment companies.

     Meanwhile, Guotai Junan Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. actively explores and seeks for innovative business opportunities in future strategic business landscape to carry out strategic planning and investment distribution.

     For more details on private equity investment management services, please visit the website of Guotai Junan Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. at www.gtjaiic.com.

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